Health Coaching

I work with women who are struggling with their health & fitness and to create the life that they because they lack motivation, consistency and feel the constraints of their experiences, emotions, thoughts and environment.

I help them to invent new possibilities for their life, their professional activities, their art, their self-expression, their way of being and their body.

We look at which blocks and beliefs are limiting you, and after we name them, we will put real action steps in place to reframe them, and build resilience, consistency in your mindset and confidence in the area's of your life where you are struggling.

Physically, we assess your nutrition, exercise and daily activity level, sleep and stress management.

EFT = Emotional Freedom Therapy


also known as tapping

Once we have determined what is blocking your development, progress, and peace of mind, we want to shift the emotions that are connected to it.

EFT is a talking therapy that uses a mind and body tool - an acupressure technique - that turns off or deregulates the stress response (flight or fight) that a person might experience when addressing certain issues. This stress response can present itself as a physical reaction, anxiety, anger, tension, overeating, etc.

Tapping can help to make sure that response is no longer triggered.

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= coaching

You know how to exercise and what to eat to be healthy and fit, but somehow you always find yourself back at square one after the initial results. Together we can reframe your values, visions, and beliefs so you're able to achieve your health and fitness goals, and we will discover where these beliefs and values are misaligned and rectify what is working against you.

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= online coaching calls

To be able to help as many people as possible I run Group Coaching Calls.

In each of these calls, I will coach the group on a wide range of issues and topics. 

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