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Coaching Project

Welcome to my coaching project!

I just love working and interacting with people.

I could stop writing here and you would still know all you need to understand what drives my coaching.

Of course there is more to it. A huge passion for dance and movement, an insatiable hunger to keep learning about the body, the mind, behaviour and society,

a desire to be connected, the gift of ADHD, just to name a few.

All in all, people is what this is really about.

Just try to imagine a world in which everyone would feel happy with themselves, at peace with what they have experienced, living a balanced lifestyle and connected,

open and understanding to everyone and everything around them. Can you see how that would eliminate much unnecessary suffering?

La vie en rose?

Maybe, but what if you could start alleviating some of your own unnecessary stress, unhealthy habits, anxiety or blockages.

There would be an opening to create new possibilities for yourself and the ones around you because whatever is holding you back, is not taking up space anymore.

Sounds good right?

Take a dive into my website to see what my coaching project is about and the workshops I offer. 

Hoping to meet you soon,



DONNA in London.jpg

Saturday 14/05/2022 Valentina Nigro, founder of DONNA, is coming to London!

She will teach a masterclass in DONNA Movement.

Don't miss your chance to work with her!

More info and booking right here .

Health +

Health encompasses your complete physical and mental well-being, and that's why health coaching is a process that helps you to look at all the different aspects of health:

your body, mind, relationships, sex life, professional life, finances, creative expression, spiritual connection, and environment.

Your well-being suffers when the balance between these aspects is off or too shaky to support the foundations of your health.


Different people struggle on different levels of knowledge, consistency, motivation, or overwhelm, but the great thing is that we can all learn from each other! In our health + workshops we tackle a range of topics and teach how to start a process of setting goals and picking out action steps, reframing any limiting beliefs you might have around your health and what that means to you.

Learn more about the Health + workshops

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Emotional Freedom Therapy EFT

Chronic stress is a big threat to your health. Persistent issues with or attacks on your physical and mental health will cause a lot of avoidable stress, that will leave its marks over time.

These attacks can come from directions you might not even be completely aware of.

Emotional Freedom Techniques - a self help tool - and Emotional Freedom Therapy - a talking therapy between a client and a practitioner - can help you to better manage your stress, or to clear specific issues completely.

Learn more about EFT

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Dance & Movement

There is an immense power in movement to mobilise stress, pain and frustrations out of your mind. It gives you an opportunity to clear those feelings from the body through dance into your expression, so they can live without you holding on to them.

The Dance & Movement workshops guide you through different exercises that will make you connect to yourself and others, all while moving freely and having fun!


Learn more about the Dance & Movement workshops

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