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Lustre Coaching Project

A coaching service that creates

a pro-active, preventative anti-ageing plan specifically for you, keeping your inner and outer youth at any age.

Lustre is a gentle shining light reflecting from a surface, and a fun fact is that gold retains it's lustre for longer than other metals.

Lustre Coaching Project helps and guides you so you can

live your life like it's golden!

Ageing is best understood as an inconsistent process that is only loosely based on biological age. It's an accumulation of cellular and molecular damage that can results in age-related disorders.

Your lifestyle has an effect on how you look and feel at any given time, and more importantly how your body deals with the ageing process. We are living longer than 100 years ago so we have to think about the quality of those extra years. That starts with improving the quality of your lifestyle right now, whether you are 25 or 65, to prevent age-related damage.

To be energetic, to have great ideas and a passion to execute them, to be illness-free, to enjoy your relationships and social life, to have peace of mind and luminous skin and healthy hair and great teeth,... What are the things that are important to you to maintain throughout your life?

Together we can uncover what needs work and how to strategically make improvements to your lifestyle so you can maintain that lustre for long!

Health Coaching

Health encompasses your complete physical and mental well-being, and that's why health coaching is a process that helps you to look at all the different aspects of health: your body, mind, relationships, sex life, professional life, finances, creative expression, spiritual connection, and environment.

Your well-being suffers when the balance between these aspects is off or too shaky to support the foundations of your health.


After thoroughly analysing where you might be struggling with knowledge, consistency, motivation, or overwhelm, we can start a process to set goals and action steps, reframe any limiting beliefs you might have around your health or what you can achieve, and build a consistent mindset and confidence in these areas.

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Lustre Coaching Project

lifestyle modification

Chronic stress is a big threat to your health and accelerates the ageing process. Persistent issues with or attacks on the health of your body and your body image, your peace of mind and mindset, your relationships and/or your sex life, will cause a lot of avoidable stress. Even things you might not be completely aware of, like the environment you live in, the products you use or certain daily habits can over time leave their marks.

Lifestyle modification is the only way you can make progress that is durable and maintainable. Together we can look at what you should and can modify, working with a step by step process, so you can create new, sustainable habits.

Remember, lifestyle modification =

9/10 attitude change

1/10 real effort

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