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Dance & Movement

You are how you move.

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You are how you move?

Our physical bodies store memory and knowledge within them, but we often don't see the repercussions of our actions on our body and mind. This workshop gives you an opportunity you to listen and tune in to what is there.

You will not learn choreography or steps, but will be guided through movement patterns that will allow you to move however you feel, need and want to. In this way you can create your own choreography of emotions.

After breathing and grounding work, you will warm up every single body part. From there, you will move through different exercises that will awaken your expression and connect you to your feminine (and sometimes masculine) energy and that of the others in the group. This kinaesthetic empathy and shared movement are tools to better understand yourself, your movement and those around us, who may not have the same language or ability.

Movement can mobilise you to find better solutions for issues that you face in your personal or professional life, your family or community. 

Besides the sometimes intense work, this workshop is a lot of fun and a chance for you to really let go, and celebrate life and who you are through dance!

"Give your pain a place to live that is not within your body. Let it live in art, in music, in writing and in dance. Your body is not a coffin for pain to be buried in. Put it somewhere else."

- Iya Ehime Ora - 

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Dance & Movement

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Did you know that:

- The use of dance as a therapeutic tool is presumably as old as mankind.

- It has several specific and unspecific mental and physical health benefits.

- Find an interesting study on the use of dance and movement as a therapeutic tool here !

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