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My new ebook

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I did it... I actually wrote an E-book!

THE ART OF FEMALE PERFORMANCE: 7 days of mindset work for creative women

A workbook for women in arts, female performers, artists and creatives, on or behind the scenes, that are struggling with feelings of self-doubt, lack of preparedness or focus, or no real structure to their self-improvement practise.

For a while, people have been asking me to create something practical that puts together the mindset exercises and concepts I teach my clients. I always wanted to do it, but for a long time I told myself that I didn't know where to start, wasn't good enough at writing, wouldn't know how to handle all the technical stuff, and that nobody would be interested anyway... Until I realised that those are exactly the things I keep telling everyone not to put in their minds! As soon as I kicked myself for having waited that long to do something I really wanted to do, I got myself together, practiced what I preach, and got it done!

If you feel that you're also sitting on something you really want to do, but all these different excuses on why you can't or shouldn't keep popping up in your head, this workbook might be able to help you. Over 7 days you will have the time to absorb and practice simple exercises and techniques, which will help you to improve your mindset and boost your confidence!

You can find the workbook on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback version.

Find it here!

Thanks for reading!

Karen :)


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