Fat loss Do's and don't for busy performers

Simple tips to implement in your diet when you have some fat to lose.


* Don't tell yourself that you are never going to eat something specific again. Instead, try not to have it at that moment but keep it for later in the day, later in the week, in the weekend. Changes are that you don't want it anymore when the time is there.

* Don't compare yourself to others. Look at where you were yesterday and aim to be better every day.

* Don't hang around time 'vampires'. Some people don't value their time, so they won't value yours either and before you know it, your free moment to food shop or work out is gone.

* Don't try to make your workouts too complicated if you are just starting out. Stick to the basics until you book your first results.

* Don’t drink juice (shop bought); eat oranges or fruit instead. Freshly squeezed is ok, but remember that it’s much easier to take calories in when you’re drinking them.

* Don’t waste time looking for supplements if you have a 7kg or more to lose. Opt for nutrient dense whole foods.

* Don’t always go for low fat. This gives us mental permission to overeat and these foods are often laden with sugar. Fat is not the enemy. Sometimes it’s ok to go for low fat when you make sure the sugar content isn’t high. I’d consider anything over 7% high.

* Don’t miss meals. You risk your body going into catabolism (break down of muscle tissue) especially if you’ve been working out that day. Eat regularly and you’ll find you have less cravings and a steady stream of energy throughout the day.


* Stay focused. Have your goals written on a piece of paper in as much detail as possible.

* Tell others about your goals. You will be more likely to succeed.

* Eat more calories on workout days, especially carbs but don’t go mad.

* Eat more protein. You will be full for longer and maintain muscle whilst burning body fat.

* Go shopping with a list. It's all about preparation.

* Keep clean eating snacks to hand; nuts, berries, fruit, humus with carrots, pre-prepared meals in Tupperware.

* Combine protein, carbs and fats at each meal. It reduces insulin spikes, maintains energy levels, and suppresses appetite.

* Schedule you workouts in your diary. Prepare your gym kit the night before. Planning is always the key!

Karen :)