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5 simple principles to reduce your stress today

We all have those days where it just feels that there is no space to breath from the moment you wake up until you go back to sleep, probably way past your bedtime because you needed to switch off from the pressure of the day by watching hours of cat videos.

In this blog I want to give you 5 simple principles that you can use on days like this - or any day for that matter - to affirm yourself as a force of nature that can handle anything that comes along their way.

But first: take a deep breath...

Just for today, I won’t get angry.

Just for today, I won’t worry.

Just for today, I will work with due diligence.

Just for today, I will be grateful.

Just for today, I will be kind to others.

Disclaimer! I didn’t invent these principles myself. They have Japanese origins, and Buddhists incorporate them in some form into their views too.

I have noticed that some people are immediately put off when they read these principles. Is that because of the perceived exaggerated positivity in them? Does it seem impossible to live like that?

Do we still feel the same way when we dissect them?

Just for today

These 3 words straight away put every one of these principles in perspective. You are not promising to never make any mistakes. You are stating that you are going to try your very best TODAY.

Starting your sentence with these words, takes the pressure off, and gives you a new opportunity, every day.

1. Just for today, I won’t get angry

This first principle seems the most difficult one for a lot of people (for others it’s principle 2). Notice though, that it says: “I won’t GET angry” and not “I won’t BE angry”. If you can manage to become aware of when you are getting anger feelings, you can nip it in the butt, so you won’t have to spend your day being angry. Avoid the stress before it takes over and ruins your day!

2. Just for today, I won’t worry

For even more people (than in principle 1), this one is the most complicated principle to get control over. Stress can become a major issue, affecting your mood, your relationships, your work, and your health. If just for one day you could try to stop worrying so much, you could live more peacefully and bring peace to others. So what you are basically are trying to do is, just for today, trust that everything will work itself out. It mostly does!

3. Just for today, I will work with due diligence

This principle is about doing your work, professionally and socially, honestly and at your very best. It will bring more purpose and meaning into your life, and you'll feel good about yourself and make others feel good too. Doing something you love and are passionate about is a big help!

4. Just for today, I will be grateful

We often ask for more and only see what we don't have, right? For one day you want to be grateful for what you do have like a job, a roof over your head, good health, a family that loves you unconditionally and supports you. When you are grateful for what you have, you will attract more good. The law of attraction states that like attracts like, and lack attracts lack, so stay positive and be grateful!

5. Just for today, I will be kind to others

What you give out, you receive back tenfold. Try to be nice, loving and caring to everyone, even if it's not your favourite person in the world. We all deserve love, and some people just need to be killed with kindness 😉 If you can do this, even just for a moment, you will stay on the higher energy vibrations and ‘in the light’, which feels so much better than being the other side.

Even though it might seem a bit overwhelming to live by all five of these principles every single day, you can start today by trying just one. You will be much happier at the end of the day, I promise.

Karen 😊


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