Emotional freedom therapy


EFT is a talking therapy that uses a mind and body tool - an acupressure technique - that turns off or deregulates the stress response (flight or fight) that a person might experience when addressing certain issues. This stress response can present itself as a physical reaction, pain, anxiety, anger, tension, overeating, etc.


EFT = Emotional Freedom Techniques

A method that involves tapping on the acupressure points of the face and upper body, along the meridian lines of Chinese medicine.

The therapeutic effects of this tool are recognised around the world.

EFT = Emotional Freedom Therapy

A talking therapy between a practitioner and a client, in which the tapping tool and EFT techniques are used to work on general and specific issues such as anxiety, stress, confidence, fears, phobia, chronic pain, emotional eating, etc.

In an EFT session, you will tune into the negative patterns that you form around your uncomfortable feelings, thoughts or troubling memories. You tap on the correct pressure points while bringing these emotions or thoughts into consciousness to be able to find relief, relaxation and to promote healing around emotional or physical issues that hold you back.

Thoughts, emotions and sensations get triggered in the amygdala when you address these negative aspects, and then sent to the nervous system. Through tapping you clear those blocks stuck in the nervous system, switch off or deregulate the stress (fight or flight) response, and as such restore the energy balance in your body.