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Corporate Workshops

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A different way for team members to create confidence in their and their unit's ability, manage stress and feel empowered.


Dance & Movement for teams


Movement can mobilise people to find better solutions for issues that they face in their personal or professional life,

their team or community. 

A session of structured therapeutic movement and dance

can boost productivity, increase motivation, encourage collaboration, and build trust and respect amongst employees.

This in-company team activity is tailored to teams of women and anyone that wants to connect to their feminine energy. 

Participants will not learn a set choreography or steps,

but will be guided through movement patterns

that will allow them to move freely according to what they are feeling or want to express in that moment.

After breathing and grounding work, every single body part is warmed and loosened up. From there, different exercises are performed which will awaken expression and connection to one's own present energy and that of the others in the group. This kinaesthetic empathy and shared movement are tools to better understand yourself, your movement and those around us, who may not have the same language or ability.

Besides the sometimes intense work, this workshop is a lot of fun and a chance for the participants to really de-stress.

Corporate wellness activities play a big role in bringing teams together, whilst employees can still enjoy the individual benefits of it. Business leaders have a unique opportunity to improve workforce performance by creating initiatives that promote movement, aiming to optimise their most important asset: a healthy and productive, high-performing workforce.

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Did you know that:

- The use of dance as a therapeutic tool is presumably as old as mankind.

- It has several specific and unspecific mental and physical health benefits.

- Find an interesting study on the use of dance and movement as a therapeutic tool here !

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