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FAQ - Find answers to frequently asked questions right here!


How do I book a workshop?

You can go to the 'Book a workshop' page and book your chosen workshop directly from there. This is where you can find the details of the specific workshop, and once you are ready to book, you will find the terms and conditions there as well.


What do I wear when I join a Dance and Movement session?

Please wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Just make sure you can move freely in them. You will get your sweat on at some point during the workshop, so think layers!

Do I need dance experience to attend a Dance and Movement workshop?

No you don't! The only thing you need is the desire to move, and trust me, we all have that deep inside of us! This workshop can be beneficial for experienced and inexperienced dancers. And whatever your level is, you will be guided to express yourself as freely as possible.


Does my camera have to be turned on when I join an online Health + workshop?

It would be great to meet you, but there is no requirement to turn your camera on. You can join the conversation with or without video, only via chat or just listen in to borrow the benefits of what other people share and the coaching received.


How can I book an EFT session and how many sessions do I need?

Please get in touch via email with a short description of the issue that you want help with and your availability. I will then get in touch to book an initial session with you. After the initial session I can give you a recommendation for self-help exercises or follow up sessions, and from there you can decide what works best for you.


What exactly happens in these workshops and how much do they cost?

Please get in touch via email so we can discuss the number of participants and other relevant details. With that information we can create a proposal and a quote for you.

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