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Work with me

I will guide you through a pro-active & preventative anti-ageing plan specifically created for you, keeping your inner and outer youth at any age.

You will work through the issues that are either most urgent, most important to you or make the most sense to incorporate in your current lifestyle. This can involve work around your daily habits like nutrition, exercise, stress management, skin care, or other habits that could potentially cause disease. Alongside that, we will also look at what are your main stressors and how we can relieve them.

Once we have determined what is blocking your development, progress, and peace of mind, we want to shift the negative emotions and feelings that are connected to it.

EFT or tapping is one of the modalities I use to do just that, and can also be a great self-help tool to alleviate tension and stress.

Find out more about EFT here.

Mind Management

Stress in general, past events and traumatic memories, confidence issues, mindset, relationships and a healthy sex life are aspects that you need to manage to improve your well-being and avoid chronic issues that accelerate the ageing process.

Achieving the level of full personal power and fulfillment, courage, and unstoppable confidence, requires consistent work and a strong, open and resilient mindset. Wherever you have insecurities about yourself, we can eliminate those blocks and set you on a clear path to your goals.

Relationships with a partner, family, friends, coworkers, or your community. Why might they often be so difficult for you? 

Together we can dig deep and find the blocks that are creating issues for you in those relationships that are important and heal from past experiences or memories.

Thoughts and behaviours can also undermine your sex life and moments of intimacy. You can learn how to do the work to create more comfortable and exciting experiences for yourself, and open up to discover your partner fully.


The fuel for your body and mind, and the biggest influence on the ageing process and your health.

Think of immunity, cardiovascular health, brain health, levels of inflammation, hormones, bone density, blood sugar balance, weight management, skin appearance, ...

As well as lifestyle interventions, nutrition interventions have the potential to promote healthy ageing and reduce non-communicable disease risk. On the other hand, deficiencies are associated with both physical and cognitive decline.

Food diary analysis and coaching will be tools for us to optimise your diet in a way that is most beneficial for your physical and mental health, and fits within your lifestyle.

Green Goodness

Body management

We all know that regular exercise affects the way our body looks and feels. But do you know how much impact it has on your skin, you digestive system, your cognitive skills,...? Are you doing enough or maybe too much?

How does your posture influences your body's daily organic tasks and the longevity of your structure and soft tissue?

And what about caring for your skin, your hair and your teeth? You can make significant improvements to your appearance with the right nutrients, products, techniques and treatments, but also avoid health issues later in life by creating a good care regiment now.

What other body basics can improve your lifespan?

Let me help you find out.


Single session £90

 Block of 4 sessions £320


3 months 

12 sessions, 3 stay on track calls,

email support as needed:


6 months

24 sessions, 6 stay on track calls,

email support as needed:


Lustre Consultation

This is your first step, a phone consultation to find out which kind of work would suit your needs, how many sessions I would recommend for you, and most importantly to see if we are a good fit!

After booking your appointment you will receive some in-depth questionnaires that you can send back to me which will prepare me for our meeting. 

Consultation: £30

£30 will be deducted from the total cost when you sign up for sessions or a package within 14 days of the initial consultation.

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