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Thanks for your interest in who I am!


I create the possibility of who I am every day from what I have learned so far (we never stop!) and what I want to contribute.


I work as a Health & Movement Coach and EFT Practitioner,

I'm based in London, and come from a creative background

as a professional dancer.


With my passion for movement and fascination with the never-ending possibilities and power of the human body, I worked as a strength and conditioning trainer and studied clinical nutrition to be able to help people achieve a healthier body and one that they feel good in.

After a few years, I realised that the individuals who actually maintained their lifestyle changes after the initial 3 months were the ones that also changed the way they looked at their body and health, and take what they learned to become confident in the possibility of success - whatever that meant to them.

My own journey has always been one of putting experiences and what they teach me in a big imaginary backpack, and I can relate to the struggles that come with that down the, sometimes long, road.

That's why I decided to study different techniques that can help performance, confidence, behavioural change and mindset, and clear the negative emotions that hold a person back or just simply sabotage one's progress.

This translates into my work with clients as a style that combines education and coaching which allows them to apply what they learn and find solutions that fit into their lives, and improve their

physical and mental health, forever.